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Saving Time, Reducing Workloads

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The Pain

Primary care physicians spend up to 3 hours a day performing exhausting non-patient-facing tasks: Patient requests, prior authorizations, prescription refills, and lab results reviews. As a result of the pandemic, this burden keeps increasing, and primary care physicians are busier than ever, suffering from massive burnout.

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Droxi's AI tool helps primary care physicians save half of the time spent on non-patient-facing tasks. Droxi identifies and visualizes the most relevant clinical factors for each task so physicians can cross them off their list quickly.

Checking Blood Pressure


  • Reduces clinician burnout 

  • Fits in the existing workflow instead of alerting

  • Seamlessly integrated


About Us

Gadi Shenhar and Raveh Ben Simon, former software engineers, electrical engineering graduates from the Technion, 8200 alumni, with experience in technological and healthcare development at Aidoc Medical, Speedata, and Qualcomm. 
Advised by Dr. Ran Nissan, the head of the clinical division of the Israeli Pharmacological Society, Elad Walach, CEO and Co-Founder of Aidoc Medical, Dr. Lior Feldman, primary care physician, and Eyal Abrahamovits, Business Development Manager at Google.  


Our Story

Gadi's grandmother Fannie had mild Alzheimer's disease and was treated with a drug that stopped its progress. While working in front of the computer, her exhausted physician made an error and switched the drug with another. It resulted in irreversible damage that rendered her apathetic and disconnected from her surroundings until the day she passed. Based on our research, we discovered that the root of the problem lies in the high workloads in primary care, especially in non-patient-facing areas. 


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