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Reduce EMR Inbox Overload

Battle through your request inbox

Droxi's AI saves you 50% of the time by showing the most relevant parameters for each request in your inbox, allowing you to make a fast, informed decision.

Prescription refills

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90 minutes of clinician time is spent on their EMR inbox each day, taking time away from patient care


Before Droxi

Many redundant clicks, multiple windows, and outdated flows for each task. Filling out forms and searching for information takes a lot of time, and clinicians spend less time performing medical work than administrative tasks.


With Droxi

By displaying the most relevant information for each task, improving and automating workflows, and providing behavior-based suggestions, Droxi saves 50% of the time. Clinicians can manage their time more effectively, spending less time on administrative tasks and more time making medical decisions.

Core Benefits

Saves time and clicks

Tested by the world's 2nd largest HMO, Droxi has been shown to reduce prescription refill screen time by 50% and reduce the number of clicks per task significantly.


Improve turnaround time

Droxi provides a better patient experience with faster turnaround times from request inception to provider's response.

Seamless workflow

Seamlessly integrated into the provider's existing system without switching software.

Main Solutions


Prescription refills

AI reveals the most relevant patient data for the specific prescription, eliminating the need to search for it manually. In addition, everything that can be automated in the prescription process is automated. Whenever an appointment is needed for a prescription, the patient receives an SMS to schedule it without any need for phone calls.


Inbox message management

AI displays the patient message with all its most relevant data and all follow-up actions the provider can take. It is all available with a single click, so there is no need to switch between screens.


Lab results

There is no need to search the patient record manually to understand why a lab test was ordered. The AI presents results in context alongside the objective and other relevant parameters.

We Are

As a data-driven company, we strive to make providers' lives easier, so they can devote more time to what matters: taking care of patients. Droxi is a machine learning system that learns from providers over time. With Droxi, time spent on admin tasks is reduced so providers can spend more time with patients and making medical decisions.

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