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Eliminating EHR Inbox Overload

EHR Inbox is overloading everyone. Learn how Droxi can save you 52%-80% of your time*.

Today’s overburdened clinicians frequently suffer from burnout due to heavy caseloads and excessive time spent on administrative work. In this webinar, get an understanding of how Droxi can streamline your administrative process by presenting you with comprehensive patient information while attending to your EHR inbox. Centralizing patient information reduces time spent searching and clicking between multiple windows in an administrative jumble.

Hear how Droxi can help you automate:

  • message responses

  • prescription renewal

  • ordering exams

  • filling out forms

  • generating referrals

  • follow-up actions

*Current time savings calculated by Droxi users from June 2022 to April 2024.

View Our Demo Here

View the Webinar

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